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Chatterbox Magazine, a bi-monthly publication, is the only FREE, quality magazine, covering all of Coventry, Kenilworth, Meriden, Balsall Common, Bubbenhall, Baginton Village and many more of the outlying villages.Also available in Solihull, it's full of Stories, Poetry, Jokes, Quizzes, Competitions, Health Tips and much more and as such is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers and at the most competitive rates! If you are in business then you will know that to get sales then you need to advertise your goods or services. Ideally you would be in every publication that’s available in the area but realistically you just don’t have that much money to spend! Directory type publications are springing up all over the place and so there are more and more choices as to where to spend your hard earned cash on advertising. So where should you choose to advertise? Chatterbox Magazine of course! Why?

Simply because it covers more areas than any of the directories, in fact you would probably have to advertise in all the directories to reach the same areas! It also represents much better value for money than the directories! You may think that this is not true but take a look at the reasons below and you will see for your self that it is!! 

Twice the publication!
Chatterbox is an A4 format and all the directories are A5, obviously A5 is half the size of A4 so your adverts in Chatterbox Magazine are twice the size to start with! Chatterbox has currently got 30,000 plus readers, all the directories have far less! So you get a lot more readers instantly!

Because Chatterbox is a magazine and not a directory it is readable and as such is sought after by those that read it. In fact it is in such demand that we have had to provide a subscription service 
so that readers are guaranteed a copy. To setup your subscription just give us a call on:

02476 414458 or write to: Chatterbox Magazine Subscriptions, 2 Alpine Rise, Styvechale, Coventry. CV3 6NT.

Targeted retail/business outlets!
We do not push Chatterbox Magazine through doors! We have over 100 established, prime business outlets, including pubs, shops, churches, clubs, hotels, restaurants, sports centres, and all of the City libraries.

No contracts to get best prices!
We do not offer discounts for series advertising, instead we just give permanently low prices, however, you will find that consistent advertising works best. If your advert is there every time Chatterbox is published then you will be recognised as an established trader and as such are more likely to get the phone calls than some one who isn’t consistently advertising. After all not every one is going to need the services or goods that you have to offer all the time but when they do need you then you have to be there!

Established fourteen years!
Directories come and go but Chatterbox has been going for fourteen years now and many of the businesses that advertised with us in the beginning are still with us today! Why? Because it works!  

Why Chatterbox represents the best value advertising you can buy!
Twice the size, larger circulation area, more copies, targeted readers, more pages, chooice of full coulour or black & white advertising, lower advertising rates, good readable editorial, readers associate the feel good factor they get from Chatterbox with the advertisers. The list goes on!

Why not give your business the advertising it deserves! 


Please contact us for further information on advertising rates.

Prices include free design or if you prefer you can supply your own art work or ideas!

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