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Chatterbox Books For Sale


You've Just Gotta Laugh 2 - By Christine Jones

This is the follow up from the first edition 'Youv'e Just Gotta Laugh' which was very well received! If you like the jokes published bi-monthly in Chatterbox Magazine, then you are going to love this publication. This second edition has over 100 pages of good rib cracking story type jokes and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face for weeks!

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£2.50 + £1 Postage & Packaging 

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This new collection of poetry blends modern with traditional to give a truly unique selection of work. Based on experienced  and emotions that all of us may have felt at some time, most people will relate to many of the poems in this collection. 

Available Now!

£5 + £1 Postage & Packaging 

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